Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0: Dial any number on your Bluetooth mobile phone from PC

Bluetooth PC Dialer 2.0

Dialer has been developed to solve this issue. With Bluetooth PC Dialer a phone call is never more then one click away independent of where the number is located. Bluetooth PC Dialer is both a stand-alone application and an Outlook plug in. With the Outlook plug in you can call the sender of an email by highlighting the email and press the Bluetooth PC Dialer call button. It is also possible to call directly from any contact. You can also initiate

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InJoy Dialer 3: Market`s most complete range of mission-critical connectivity features.

InJoy Dialer 3

Dialer. InJoy Dialer adds unprecedented flexibility, intelligent automation and intuitive control to traditional modem- and ISDN-based dial-up networking. In addition to a wealth of mission-critical connectivity options, the InJoy Dialer provides modern Internet collaboration features, such as next-generation firewall security, seamless IPSec VPN integration, simple 1-port dial-in support, superior Internet gateway capability, intuitive management

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ID AntiDialer 1.2: ID AntiDialer is a security program, preventing unauthorized dialing numbers.

ID AntiDialer 1.2

ID AntiDialer is a program meant to protect your privacy and prevent your internet modem from being used by third parties. It blocks spyware dialers from infiltrating into your computer`s system and prevents them from dialing and overcharging phone numbers. The main features includes: monitoring of all calls dialed using your modem, restriction for the use of your modem, allows you to set a safe dialing list.

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Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite 4.6

Dialer XP Lite adds convenience to your everyday dial-up networking. This multi-functional dialer allows you to connect to the Internet with one click from the system tray. The program will monitor your connection, and automatically redial multiple numbers if you`re bumped off-line. Its skinnable toolbar-style interface displays the current time and your actual connection speed. Flexiblesoft Dialer XP Lite also displays the amount of time you spent

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Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer 8.0.7: Auto Dialer, VOIP Autodialer, Phone Dialer, SIP SKYPE PSTN PC to Phone Broadcast

Voicent BroadcastByPhone Autodialer 8.0.7

Auto Dialer, VOIP Autodialer, Phone Dialer, SIP SKYPE PSTN, PC to Phone Voice Broadcast. Ideal for group event reminders, marketing or political campaign promotion, events notification and more. Excel spreadsheet interface makes it easy to create or import phone list. Simply record your message in an audio file, then use the built-in calendar to set a call time. Remote access capability.

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Express Dial Free Telephone Dialer 2.011: Free automatic telephone and predictive dialer for VoIP or Standard phone lines.

Express Dial Free Telephone Dialer 2.011

Express Dial Free telephone dialer is a phone dialer for Windows computers with VoIP or a voice modem and headset. It can be used to automate the dialing of a list of numbers (as a predictive dialer) or to call single numbers when required using only your PC, modem and headset. Load Express Dial with a list of phone numbers and it will sequentially call every number in the list.

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Asterisk Outlook Dialer 1.08: Asterisk Outlook Dialer - Dial from Outlook Contacts

Asterisk Outlook Dialer 1.08

dialer which would overcome the issue of both security and size of the component. The Asterisk Outlook Dialer is implemented as a php script that runs on the asterisk server (apache). This php script acts as a "proxy" between the Asterisk server and the Oulook component. It uses the Asterisk Manager to log on and execute commands on the Asterisk box. The Outlook Dialer calls this script with the parameters such as the extension to be dialed, the

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Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines Voice2Phone Auto Dialer - software for broadcasting voice messages by phone

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Pro 5 Lines

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer is a PC to phone software for reaching thousands of people by phone or by voice mail with voice messages. Auto Dialer does not require any additional hardware. Calls are made through a VOIP service provider. The only requirement is the Internet connection at your computer. The system automatically dials one to one phone number, if it is answered, the Voice2Phone Auto Dialer plays a pre-recorded message.

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BREAKTRU MyPhone Book Dialer 9.7.2: Store your personal or business contacts. Dial phone, send an email.

BREAKTRU MyPhone Book Dialer 9.7.2

MyPhone Book Dialer is a full-featured contact manager program in an easy to use interface. You can store all of your friends, family and business contacts` information in an organized database. MyPhone Book Dialer makes it easy for you to sort your contacts alphabetically. Easily find contacts with a powerful search option. Stores name fields, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers, addresses, company name, email and web addresses.

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Extra Dialer 1.08.2680

Extra Dialer is a powerful program designed for forwarding one voice message to large group of people. The program lets you record your voice message and store it on your PC until it is transmitted. After transmitting your voice message, it can optionaly record a reply from the recipient. Program may be configured to dial at specific time and day of week. Program can be run when windows runs. Extra Dialer understands busy and no-answer tones.

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